Waiting for Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy X/X2 Remastered comes out on the 21st of March 2014 and I’m SUPER EXCITED.

I LOVED FFX on the PS2 and it was the first  FF game I ever played. I’ve since played FF6 through FF13 and while I enjoyed each of these in their own right (with the exception of FF13 but that is a different story) none ever captured the sense of wonder and awe I experienced while playing FFX. It was the first fully voiced game I remember playing, I still remember the feeling I experienced when looking at the hair and water affects and tearing up at the end of the game.

I credit FFX, Zelda Ocarina of Time and to a lesser extent Gauntlet Legends with starting my journey into the wonderful world of RPGs and I can’t wait to get back into it.

But what can I do while waiting for the glorious day  of its arrival; besides of course looking up the sphere grid and deciding how to level up my characters (because I don’t have the same amount of gaming time I did  when I was 15 to start again if I mess up levelling)

I’m in the middle of yet another playthrough of Dragon Age Origins because I’m also SUPER EXCITED about Dragon Age: Inquisition but I thought to myself why not celebrate the re-release of FFX by playing some new RPGs or at least RPGs that are new to me and a recent Steam Sale has given me the opportunity to play something new.

I choose FFX solely based on some articles written by PS2 Magazine before it came out and 13 years later I still remember how much I enjoyed it, so recently I looked at the RPGs Steam has on sale and chose three solely based on the trailer and reviews on steam.

These games are

  • The Yawhg
  • Skyborn
  • Sudeki.

Over the next couple of weeks; I’ll be playing all three of the games and posting my opinions

I hope you’ll check back for my opinions on these games and I’d love to hear yours.

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10 comments on “Waiting for Final Fantasy X
  1. Flemingway61 says:

    Shamefully, I’ve never played ffx. But you’ve convinced me to do so, soon.

  2. TK says:

    Final Fantasy was one of my favorite games. Everything about it was great. Personally, my favorite is IX, but, then, IX was the first Final Fantasy I ever played. I connected with those characters more than in any other game. VI comes in a close second. Despite its aged graphics, that game made me so emotional.

    I highly suggest you look into the first five games. I’ve played the first ten Final Fantasy titles (but I haven’t gotten too far into III yet) and they are all great fun. I tend to buy games and systems when the next generation comes out just to save money, so I’ve only had my PS3 for a few months. I just ordered FFXIII. I haven’t heard anything great about it, but the music I’ve heard has been fantastic. At the end of the day, I am just too loyal to the franchise. I have to try it out.

    Back to X and X-2, though, did you preorder the collector’s edition?

    • I only made it to the bit were you have to play the card game in IX and I hated the card game, it was not as good or as straight forward as the card game in VIII.

      I find that a lot of peoples favorite FF tends to be the first one they played.

      I got FFIII for my DS but never made it that far into it – I got distracted by another game and never went back, I really should as I’d love to play the earlier FF games but its so hard to find them for a reasonable price for the SNES.

      VII and VIII are my favorites after IX. I got FFXIII for my Xbox 360 and I wasn’t a huge fan of it. I felt like I was running down a corridor for hours; apparently it opens up 30 hrs in but I never made it that far.

      As for X and X-2 – I totally ordered the collectors edition, it was only €10 more than the regular edition and it comes with an art book that I could see my self buying at some stage.

      • TK says:

        I actually really enjoyed the card game in IX, but to each their own. When I first played that game, I actually got stuck on the first disk and walked away for a long time. I didn’t come back to it for almost a year. It’s worth going back to III when you get the chance,

        That said, I don’t like the way the FF games look on the DS. I tried to play III and just couldn’t get into it myself. It’s the only one of the first 10 I’ve played but haven’t beaten. I just can’t connect to it like I did the other games. Honestly, I blame it on the cartoony appearance. I just can’t take the characters seriously.

        As far as the other games go, I play I, II and VI on my GBA and V and VI on the original playstation. I think they Playstation versions are the best. Final Fantasy Origins has I and II, Final Fantasy Anthology has V and VI and I believe VI was on another along with Crono Crusade, but I forget what that one was called. They are also all available in the Google Play store for phones and tablets. I forget if you said you’d played VI. If nothing else, you need to play VI. You won’t believe the emotions you feel throughout that game.

        Lastly, I also just bought the HD remake. I’m not a huge fan of X-2, but I love X. The collector’s edition with the music and artbook was definitely the way to go.

      • Yeah I know people who loved the card game in IX but I just couldn’t get into it. I’ll take your advice and add it to my list of games to get back to, I might think differently now.

        I’m pretty sure I bought it for my PS3 awhile ago – although I’d love to play it on my PC, I got both VII and VIII on Steam and really enjoyed replaying them on the PC

        I don’t like to play RPGs on my phone – I can never give them the time they need so I’ll have to see what versions are on eBay now – you’ve given me the drive to look 🙂 I’m a console hoarder/collector so I’m sure I’ll find something for a console I own.

        Loved VI totally agree that it is very emotional. It narrowly misses my top 3 because I had slightly more fun with the weirdness that is FFVIII.

        Glad you got the collectors edition – the artbook looks amazing. I can’t wait to see some of the artwork they have of the environments and of Lulu my favorite FF character.

      • TK says:

        The good thing about IX is that you don’t have to play the card game to play through the game. As far as side quest go, like catching frogs with Quina the best. Looking for treasure with Chocobos on the world map was fun also.

        I figured out what the other game was. It’s called Final Fantasy Chronicles. I looked on Amazon and you can get Origins, Anthology and Chronicles on Amazon. That’s where I got mine just a few years ago. A part of me regrets getting I, II and IV on handheld devices because it wasn’t as easy to get into the games. I don’t even remember much of their story other than that I really enjoyed them. I’d like to play them again. I’m still not sure if I’d try to play them as the games I have, or if I should try and buy them on a different platform.

        Have you ever read any debates about whether or not Final Fantasy is dead and, if so, what game was the nail in the coffin? As far as I’m concerned, FFX was the last great game. Everything after that, even the ones that were still okay games, didn’t live up to the Final Fantasy reputation in my mind. Some people claim it died with VIII, though. That always surprises me because I loved the game. It gets a lot of hate, though. I think my top three would be IX, VI and X. VIII just misses the top three in forth place for me. VII can have fifth place.

      • I don’t think I will get them for a hand held – I always end up playing a hand held game while watching TV, which is fine for Pokemon or Mario but it makes getting into something like FF more difficult. I wish they would bring out all the FF on Steam – it would be super handy.

        I haven’t ready any of the debates but I think to call it dead is a bit premature. FF VII is a great game but it is so over hyped by some people it is ridiculous and to call FF dead after FF VII is silly considering how good VIII IX and X are; but then I suppose it depends on what you like about the FF series.

        For me FF X was the last game that I really enjoyed and thought was great. FFXII had a lot of great ideas but they didn’t come together well.
        For example I liked the fact that there were no random battles, instead you saw a representation of the monster and you could try to avoid it, Grandia 2 did this too and I think its great BUT I didn’t like the fact that the Aeons/Summons/GFs were totally useless.

        FF XIII on the other hand felt like they were trying to recapture what fans liked about the first few games but taking elements of those games that were caused by hardware limitations and adding them to a new game e.g. the fact that you just ran down various corridors . Plus the abandoned turned base battles; which I would’ve been okay with if they had been replaced with full real time battles but instead they replaced them with a weird hybrid of the two.

        But saying that FF is dead after 1 game that would have been fine if it hadn’t of come after a brilliant game like FFX and another series of games based on FFXIII is silly. There are 15 FF games (not including the MMORPGS) they can’t all be amazing.

        Now if they don’t get any better over the next few games than that is a different story but I think it is too soon to call he series dead yet.

      • TK says:

        I appreciated XII for trying something different. Most of the things I like about Final Fantasy where there. It was interesting because it was more political. You weren’t fighting a war so much as dealing with a wars aftermath. Still, the story just didn’t snag me. I read they originally wanted to make Basch but they thought a younger audience would connect better with Vann. I always wonder if that small change could have turned XII into a great game.

        I am very disappointed in the MMORPGs, though. It doesn’t bother me that they exist. It bothers me that they are apart of the main series. They should have been something like Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. I’m not a fan of MMORPGs and now I will never be able to say I’ve played all the main series Final Fantasy games.

        I ordered XIII when I ordered the HD remake of X. I haven’t played it yet but I have heard a lot of criticism. I don’t expect it to be great, but I do expect it to be better than X-2 (which shouldn’t be that hard). Apparently, Lightning is very popular in Japan, which is why they keep making more games. Americans seem to be mostly disappointed with the series. Still, I will play through XIII and keep my fingers crossed for XV. I hope square has learned from their mistakes and gives us a fantastic game.

  3. I agree FFXII was trying something different and I hope you enjoy FFXIII. I love to hear what you think of it.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what FF XV is like. I’m hoping they’ll get to it soon and stop releasing Lightning games

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