When will I get a next gen console? Part 1

Oddly enough I don’t know the answer to this, which is really weird for me.

Until recently I was a total console gamer; my first console was the Sega Mega Drive 2.

I got it with Mega Games 6 Vol 2 which was; Columns, Alien Storm, Italia 90, a driving game, Super Hang On and a helicopter game that I was rubbish at.

It was Alien Storm that had me hooked, from there I got; Sonic, Street of Rage, James Bond and a host of other platformers and side scrolling beat-em-ups which kept me addicted.

From the Mega Drive, I moved on to the N64.

The N64 introduced me to RPG’s in the form of Ocarina of Time and Gauntlet Legends.

It allowed me to play Pokémon Blue and Red with Pokémon Stadium and a special adapter, something which led to a life time of fun with other Pokémon games. It  also provided me with hours of FPS fun in the form of Golden Eye and Quake (1&2).

Yes, the controller looked like you needed a third hand, but then I released that having the a trigger button under the analogue stick was great for FPS’s.

 Plus it supported 4 player local co-op!

Next stop on the console train was the PS2, a console that gave me too much pleasure to describe in a brief summary. Yes, I know how filthy that sounds.

The GameCube followed, the first time I had two consoles of the same gen.

All the old favourites got a new breath of life on the GameCube: Mario Kart Double Dash is arguable the best Mario Kart and there were remastered Zelda games to play. There was also  X-men Legends: the only good X-Men game ever made.

 Plus it supported 4 player local co-op!

Then came the current gen consoles, the Wii, the Xbox 360 and finally the PS3, each unique and fun in their own way but with the Xbox 360 getting significantly more use.

Throughout the years I also collected other consoles; the SNES, the Sega Saturn, the Dreamcast and the Jaguar. I played and enjoyed their offerings.

 But I don’t know when I’ll get a next gen console!

I always knew when I was going to get a console. When I was younger I got it for my birthday or Christmas, I’d cut out the picture from a magazine to make sure my parents knew which one to get. When I was older I saved for it and when I was even older; put it on my credit card while trying to calculate when I would pay it off.

I always knew which console I was going to get, I researched the games and based my decision on which ones I thought looked better.

Even when I bought multiple consoles from the same gen, I bought them in a specific order (though the Wii only beat out the Xbox because it was released first)

But, with the Wii U, Xbox One and PS4 – I’ve no idea which one to get, when I’ll get them or even if I ever will buy one.

I bought my last console, the PS3, years ago and unbeknownst to me it might have been the last console I’ll ever buy.

For a console junky – this makes me very sad.

But why has it come to this?

Find out more, next time on phantomrachie presents.

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2 comments on “When will I get a next gen console? Part 1
  1. TK says:

    When it comes to gaming systems, I’ve been a Playstation girl since the first one and a love of Nintendo handhelds since the Gameboy Color. I usually buy a new system after they announce the release date for the next system. That’s when I know prices on used systems will be as low as possible.

    Gaming has changed a lot. I look at this new generation and am just confused with Nintendo. They came out with the 3DS and the Wii U so quietly. I’m sure the aim was to get ahead of the competition, but I saw little advertising. That, and I don’t really see a big difference between those devices and the ones that came before.

    the Xbox One and the PS4 are almost the same system. Hardly any games are exclusive anymore. I’ll always go with the Playstation, though. People can talk up the Xbox all they want, but the system just doesn’t last like everything else. Nintendo and Sony have been in this industry for a long time (the first game made by Nintendo was a card game in the 1889). I just trust them more.

    • Logentivity in the gaming industry doesn’t mean much though. Sega and Atari were around for decades before they finally stopped making consoles.

      Poor Dreamcast, was great, but it didn’t have the game library of the N64 and PS1 and its controller was really weird.

      As for the Xbox, people say it breaks on a regular bases but I’m not sure how true that is. I had my first Xbox 360 for 4 years and never had any issues. I only got rid of it to get the slim, infact I gave it to a friend and its still going strong.

      I know plenty of Xbox owners and the only person I know who had any issues with theirs kept it on a carpet they rarely hovered in a house full of smokers, so dust eventually killed it, like it would have killed any system in that situation.

      I’m not saying there weren’t issues, the red ring of death was definitely a problem but I do wonder how much of the Xbox issue is caused by the internet band wagon.

      I agree that the Xbox One and the PS4 are basically just the same console and with so few exclusives, I’m leaning towards the Xbox One simply because I had so many issues with cross platform games on my PS3. However the PS4 is more likely to get JRPGS and I love a decent JRPG now and then.

      I suppose that is what is making my decision so difficult – there is so little difference between the two and the both seem to be getting further and further away from being gaming consoles and turning into weird PCs.

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