Who’s Better For SUPERMAN? Does It Even Matter?

This sums up my opinion on the Superman’s Girlfriend debate. Why define either Wonder Woman or Lois Lane like this?

Fatima Bastaki

In anticipation of Valentine’s Day, Newsarama posted an article entitled“5-on-5: WONDER WOMAN vs. LOIS LANE – Who is Better for SUPERMAN?” The premise being the question of who would make a better match for Superman – a topic that’s become a heated debate in the hallowed halls of the internet comic book community.

The topic has split fans into primarily two camps: those who support Lois and Clark, and those who support Wonder Woman and Superman with a few in-between who simply do not care about either.

149374 superman the man of steel clark kent and lois lane man of steel movie Whos Better For SUPERMAN? Does It Matter?

Henry Cavill and Amy Adams as Clark and Lois.

The article seeks to give both Lois Lane and Wonder Woman equal standing by having five points in support of each character, but the glaring problem at the heart of the issue itself is the fact that the article suggests there has to be a battle between Lois Lane and Wonder Woman for…

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