Wonder Woman – Is DC Warner ready for her film?

Wonder Woman

Over the years the excuse given for the lack of a Wonder Woman film is that audiences aren’t ready for a Wonder Woman film, but I don’t think that is accurate I think that DC Warner are not ready to make it.

Let me pause for a second to go over my history with Wonder Woman.

I love Wonder Woman!  She is my favourite of DC Trinity by a mile and one of my favourite comic  characters.

However I’m not convinced that DC as a whole understand why people like her.

If you think Batman writers are hit-and-miss, just look at the Wonder Woman’s back catalogue; she goes from badass to bondage queen and back again as quickly as you can blink.

There are many reasons to love Diana, here are my highlights

She’s a Warrior

Her powerset is very similar to Superman’s and throughout the years it’s been changed a lot.

At first she needed an invisible jet to fly and then she could glide and only needed the jet to go long distance and now she can fly under her own power.

Throughout all these changes, the one thing that has remained consistent is that she is a warrior.

You could take all Diana’s powers away and she’d still be Wonder Woman.  Unlike most other powered super hero’s she knows how to fight and she is not afraid to take up arms against a foe .

She’s even killed people when she thought it was necessary.

When Maxwell Lord used his mind control powers to convince Superman to start a rampage, she knew the only way prevent Superman from killing anyone was to kill Maxwell and she did so without hesitation. Batman, Superman and the public rejected her for this but she did it to save lives and to free Superman from Lord’s control.

She is not afraid to make difficult decisions.

She’s Compassionate

As much of a badass as Wonder Woman is, she is also compassionate not in the very annoying Superman way i.e. ” I’m what mankind is striving to be”  (so I’d better be a good little boy).

Diana is all about second chances, If you tell her you’ve changed then she is more than willing to give you another chance to prove yourself.

I mean, who else would look after a powerless Hera even after she turned the Amazons into snakes.

She seems to really care and she shows it.

Presumably Batman cares about the people of Gotham, but he’s so broody  who really knows.

Wonder Woman = Mythology

Her background is steeped in Greek Mythology and she is at her best when battling Gods and  Monsters.

Who cares about bank robbers? That’s what the police are for: when a giant city destroying sea monster shows up she is your woman.

Wonder Woman offers a haven of  epic monster battles in a world of gritty realistic comics.


Fans of Wonder Woman are so ready for a film they made their own!

So if the fans are ready, why isn’t the studio?


Superman/Wonder Woman romance

When left to their own devices,  DC love trying out the Superman/Wonder Woman romance thing: It didn’t work back in the 60’s and it’s not working now.

Currently they are billing it as the relationship that will change the DC Universe, Really? Really?


Now this might just be my dislike of Superman but every woman he gets involved with gets turned into a damsel in distress or a plot device.

Lois Lane was an investigative reporter who was, presumably, able to do her job without getting kidnapped before Superman arrived.  Then, he turned up and she gets kidnaped every 5 seconds and is now a plot device.

Wonder Woman is NOT a damsel in distress.

In the new 52 they seem to have avoided this so far but they’ve got a poor track record.

If at any point in the new Superman/Batman film Wonder Woman is rescued by either: I’m petitioning to have her removed from DCs creative control.

She could kick Superman’s ass

According to some information released about Wonder Woman in the new Super/Batman film, Amazons are depowered ancient  Kryptonians. Depowered because of their time exposed to a yellow sun.

Now I’ve no real issue with the Amazons being Kryptonians, for this type of film it makes more sense than her being the daughter of a God or made of clay.

I doubt the Greek Gods and monsters exist in the Universe of this film.

o, my issue is with the depowered part.  Depowered?

Wonder Woman is one of the few hero’s to be able to go toe to toe with Superman on powers  alone. Combine that with the fact that she is a trained fighter whereas he is just some guy who happens to have powers and she has the edge over him in a fight.

Superman has yet to “go rogue” in the New 52 but as that seems like an inevitability, I’d like to see Wonder Woman take him on one on one and win.

Taking that away annoys me but in the minds of DC Warner, Superman is the top dog and no one else should be possibly able to beat him.

I hope it’s just the case of protecting the Superman brand and not them saying that a woman couldn’t stack up to a man power wise.


She’s not looking for someone to save her

The traditional film narrative for a woman, is that she is looking for someone to save her. A white knight to take her away from her boring life. Someone to show her how to have fun, or love, or whatever.

This might be too strong a trope for film writers to avoid  and its not a trope that fits Wonder Woman.

Diana stars out not knowing much about the “world of men” and while originally it was Steve Trevor who introduced her to this world it was her close connection with the people she met that really introduced her to this world.

No one person saved her, because she didn’t need one person. She needed herself and her friends .

This is in stark contrast to the normal super hero tale of one man relying on only themselves and battling evil at all costs.

Wonder Woman knows the value of teamwork and friendship.


Looking at all the evidence; the hackneyed plotlines that would’ve been in the Amazon T.V. Show;  the recycled plots in the discarded scripts of past Wonder Woman film projects and the horrible plot points of some of her back catalogue, I don’t think DC really get this character.

Oh sure, they sometimes hire writers who do , but I don’t think the company as a whole gets her and I worry that this means that the new film version of Wonder Woman will fall back on traditional female film tropes; which would just be awful.

That said, her brief appearance in the new Superman/Batman film is the only reason why I’ll watch it.

I want a solo Wonder Woman film so badly I’ll sit through a film with Superman in it to get it!

But I worry they won’t portray her well because if she isn’t well received, DC Warner won’t say that they portrayed her badly instead they’ll say that the audience just doesn’t get Wonder Woman or that female Superheroes don’t sell.

Which will leave us with a never ending series of Batman and Superman films.


Wonder Woman at her best

If you’re excited for the Wonder Woman films and you’d like to see her at her best, I’d recommend the following storylines.

  • The Circle
  • Ends of Earth
  • Rise of the Olympian
  • Warkiller


These are all by Gail Simone; who really gets this character.


  • Wonder Woman (2011-) Vol 1: Blood


By Brian Azzarello

This is the first volume in of the NEW 52 Wonder Woman. All of them are great but the first one really gets you into the action and it reworks her original story.

Brian Azzarello’s series would work really well as a standalone film. If you like the first one get the rest. It’s one of the few DC Comic series still worth reading


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2 comments on “Wonder Woman – Is DC Warner ready for her film?
  1. TK says:

    I love wonder woman and I’ll have to check out those recommended stories. I really want a good movie on her, but I’m afraid they’d screw it up. I’d want them to make her sort of like they had Black Widow in the recent Captain America movie. (p.s. this isn’t a spoiler) Black Widow kicked ass, was a great spy and all around wonderful hero without being involved in a romance, getting naked or being a damsel in distress. It was awesome. That’s what I’d love to see in a wonder woman movie… if they ever decide to make one.

  2. I loved Black Widow in the Avengers, but I haven’t see in new Cap film yet. I’d love if DC could represent Wonder Woman properly like Marvel did with Black Widow, (film version very similar to comic version)

    Gal Gadot, the actress playing Wonder Woman in Superman V Batman, has been signed for a 3 film deal.

    So unless something goes terrible wrong, I think we’ll get at least one Wonder Woman film.

    Fingers crossed DC don’t feck it up

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