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The importance of #YesAllWomen.

#YesAllWomen came about as a reaction to the #notallmen hashtag that was trending on Twitter after Elliot Rodger killed a number of people in Isla Vista, California.  Rodger went on a rampage because women he fancied wouldn’t have sex with

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Internet Trolls

As horrible as this fate is, I’m not sure it’s enough.

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Interstellar, looks just Awesome!

I’m a huge Scifi fan. Normally novels and T.V. scratch my Scifi itch. Decent Scifi Films are few and far between, they are either anti-science populist drama or just kind of rubbish. Interstellar looks brilliant! I love the concept. Humanity

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What is a Gamer?

What is a Gamer? Are they someone who plays games or are they someone who plays a certain type of games? The gaming community has simultaneously been trying to be taken seriously by other entertainment communities and has been tearing

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