Dragon Age: Inquisition News

Back in April I posted the 10 things in DA:I that I’m existed for, it’s been 3 months & E3 has happened and there has been a TON of new DA:I information released, so I thought I’d add another 4 things to my list.

The Character Interviews

All of the campaigns and advisors in DA:I have been released – full roster is below

The Inquisition & Morrigan

The Inquisition & Morrigan

Each one was released with a character image containing a quote and a character profile. The quotes have been fine, some have been better than others but the character profiles have been fantastic!

The profiles take the form of an interview between “Dragon Age” and the writer for the character.

They provide some great information on the character and have totally changed my mind about some of them.

For example:

Before we knew her as Josephine, the advisor known as Scribbles already had a following. I could never understand why?We didn’t know much about her, all we had were a few screenshots and then I read the her character profile.

In one fell swoop we found out her name and how awesome she was going to be.

In one moment she went from some randomer to my favourite of the new characters in DA:I.

All I need to do now is decide which of my Inquisitors will win her heart.

You can check out the character profiles for yourself here


6 of the 8 Love Interests announced.

I’ll admit it, I’m one of those people who enjoy the romances in BioWare games.

My Shepards will forever love Liara,  my Wardens melt for Leliana, unless they are male in which case Morrigan bewitches them, and my Hawkes fall for Isabela.

8 love interests means that each will have their own set sexuality and 2 will even be race gated.

I can’t wait to see how it works out, in DA:O set sexualities meant that there was little choice in romance options but with 8 you have a choice of partners regardless of your Inquisitors sexuality.

This is the list

Straight – Cassandra & Cullen

Gay – Dorian & Sera

Bi – Iron Bull & Josephine

BioWare have said that 2 romances will be race gated i.e. only romanceable by Inquisitors of a certain race, so the last 2 romances could be those or some of the ones we already know about.

Though if Varric is an LI then my money is on him being race gated.

The released LIs do offer an interesting situation for me. Normally I roll a male character only to romance 1 specific person, Morrigan in DA:O, Miranda in Mass Effect, but this time around there is competition for my male Inquisitor.

When Cassandra was announced as straight, I was sure my male Inquisitor was destined to be with her but then I read Dorian’s character profile, he & his fabulous moustache are tempting him away from his destiny.

That is one fantastic mustache

That is one fantastic mustache

I guess I’ll have to roll two.


Soooo many choices

DA:I will have 4 voices actors for the Inquisitor

This means that before we get to even play the game we’ll get to choose our Inquisitor’s

  • Gender
  • Race
  • Appearance
  • Voice
  • Class

And then there are all the choices that we’ll get to make once we start playing

  • Companions to recruit
  • Person to romance
  • Class specialisation
  • Etc


This comment from Mike Laidlaw

“… She’s sassy, she’s a little trashy. She likes the dirty jokes. But she’s very distinct from someone like Isabela. She’s very different. She’s much more for the people, about the common good. And when you have a whole party of people that are kind of like Lords and Ladies, she has her own kind of network of spies and stuff that she relies upon that are completely different from anyone else. Meaning that her demeanor, her attitude is kinda like a breath of fresh air in the Inquisition. Everyone is like very serious and then she comes along and is like, ‘I bought you a hat!'”

It has increased my love of Sera 100 fold.


Now that the companions and advisors have been released, I hope that we’ll get more information about the tactical camera, PC UI, Crafting system and Class  specialisations soon

BioWare have released the E3 demo, check them out below and let me know what you think!

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