You have been Chosen: Part 2 #chosen

Another email from BioWare arrived in my inbox this morning


The first teaser made it look like a horror game but now I’m not so sure.

I’ve looked at the video a couple of times and it looks like the guy in the coffee shop has powers he can’t control and the person outside is watching him, so it could be a ‘ people with powers’   -V- secret society type thing.

I say ‘people with powers’ instead of Superheroes, because superheros implies capes, secret identities and angst driven ‘dark heros’ and this new IP doesn’t look at all like that.

The teaser is accompanied by this statement:

Do you know they are watching?
Your power is rising
Cologne, Germany
You’ve Been Chosen


It looks like we’ll find out more at Gamescom

Stay tuned for more information on random emails that show up in my inbox

Have a deadly day!

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