Courier’s Journal: Entry 1

On the advice of Doc Mitchell, I’ve decided to start a journal.  He suggested that writing might help trigger lost memories and joked that at the very least it might be useful in reconstructing my memory encase, I got shot in the head again

Of course I’d prefer not to get shot in the head again but part of me feels like I had a journal already ……. Ach there are still so many holes in my memory

I remember my mother used to update her journal almost every day, she said it helped her think and make sense of what had happened.

After she was killed during a raid by the Jackals, I continued to update her journal until I ran out of room. I tried to keep my own but I could never develop the discipline to keep it updating on a regular bases…..oh would you look at that, looks like I did used to do this.

Perhaps, Doc’s idea wasn’t so silly after all.

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