Courier’s Journal: Entry 2

This morning Doc Mitchell has given me a clean bill of health and  suggested I speak to a woman named Sunny Smiles, so I got my first look at Goodsprings a tiny little town which more boarded up houses then placed were people live.

I found Sunny with her dog Cheyenne in Prospector Saloon, one of two main buildings in the town, the other being a shop.  She took me out back, got me shooting bottles to get myself back into practise.  I’m glad getting shot in the head didn’t ruin my aim.

She then asked if I wanted to help her kill some geckos and since I needed the practise and the caps, I went with her.

After getting paid, I explored the town and found the Securitron Victor that had dug me up and brought me to the Doc, he didn’t know much except that they people who shot me were heading back to the Strip.

I haven’t decided whether I’ll go after them or not yet but I do know that I need to follow them to at least Primm because I’ve got a stash of emergency supplies hidden there and I’ll need them before I decide where to go next.

I’m still not 100% recovered so I need to find some shelter while I stay here in Goodsprings, I’m thinking the old schoolhouse should do it but I want to run it by Trudy, the town mother and owner of the Prospector Saloon before I just move in.

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