Marriage Equality

Ireland is getting our very own referendum on Marriage Equality in 2015 and the campaign for a ‘Yes’ has kicked off with a video from the great and wonderful comedians Tara Flynn and  Kevin McGahern.

This video definitely has an Irish bent to it but it speaks to the global arguments against Marriage Equality. ‘It’ll be the end of Marriage as we know it’

Share this everywhere, let’s help make it viral.

Marriage was not originally a religious institution and it has not been the same since the dawn of time.

Polygamy used to be a common form of Marriage in some cultures , ‘mixed’ marriages were illegal in many countries,  women used to need a dowry before anyone would marry them.

It is ridiculous to pretend that it has never changed and equally ridiculous to think that giving two people who love each other the ability to marry will be damaging to society.

The March for Marriage is on the 24th of Aug. If you’re in Dublin come along.

Marriage Equality: It’s NOT the end of the world lads


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