Courier’s Journal: Entry 3

Apparently Goodsprings is not as quiet as I thought.

Some gang named the Powder Gangers are after a guy named Ringo. I felt that I owed this town something so I asked Trudy where he was and she pointed me in his direction, turns out he is a trader with the Crimson Caravan.

I spent most of my life traveling with one caravan or another so I couldn’t turn down his request for help, so I rounded up Sunny, convinced Trudy to get some of the other towns folk to help and got that cheap ass Chet who runs the shop to give us all leather armour and we beat the Powder Gangers.

I could give a blow by  blow account but quite frankly they had baseball bats and varmint rifles and we had leather armour and dynamite, how do you think it went? I did at least expect their leader Jacob Cobb to put up some sort of fight, but perhaps I was expecting too much from a bully

After that Trudy had no issue with my taking over the school house.

Now I just need a few more caps to stock up on ammo and supplies before I head out for Primm.


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