Courier’s Journal: Entry 4

I arrived in Primm a few nights ago, on the way I encountered more Powder Gangers and I don’t know how but they knew I’d killed some of their members so they attacked me.  I get the feeling that I won’t be getting along with any Powder Gangers I come across.

When I got to Primm, I discovered that a faction of the Powder Gangers had broken off from the main group and taken it over. The NCR had camped outside it but didn’t have the men to take it back. The NCR are a group that is trying to do their best but they do think that numbers are everything, sometimes one person can do more than an entire army.

Sneaking into Primm wasn’t that hard and I got to my stash easily enough, only to discover some assholes had raided it. Luckily enough they seem to have had a disagreement and two of them were killed, leaving enough clues to were their leader was.  Whoever this guy is, he made on to my list of people to fuck over.

The residents of Primm were hiding out in the Vikki and Vance Casino, so I managed to speak with Johnson Nash, who runs the local Mojave Express. From him I learnt the following things:

  • There were a lot of couriers paid to deliver weird items and my platinum coin is the only one that didn’t make it. This might be true but I did find the body of a dead courier just outside his shop that didn’t survive his bullet to the head.
  • Another guy was supposed to take this job before me, but then when he saw my name he gave up the job so I could have it. Nash made it sound like this guy wanted me dead, but I don’t know anyone with a grudge against me.
  • Primm’s deputy might have more info on the Khan’s and City boy who shot me.

Of course this last bit of information meant that I had to rescue the deputy from the gang who’d taken over the town. Deputy Beagle had been taken to the casino hotel across the street the Bison Steve Hotel

The rescue of Deputy Beagle was not as difficult as I thought it would be, the gang clearly didn’t expect anyone to come after them so they were woeful unprepared for an attack. After everyone was dead, I got a lead on my would be killers, they were headed towards Nipton before moving on to Novac.

I think at this stage I’m following their trail because it seems like the right thing to do, I’ve no idea what I’m going to do if I find them.

Typical of my life recently, Beagle asked me for help in finding a new sheriff and Nash wouldn’t open the Mojave Express without a new lawman. I don’t know why I care, I suppose if I had a package to deliver it might take my mind off the whole ‘tracking down the people who tried to kill me thing’ and help get rid of me reoccurring dream.

Beagle suggested either the NCR or some Sheriff in a correctional facility named Meyers.

Personally I prefer the NCR worrying about the bastard Legion instead of looking after some town, so I headed towards the prison, which of course was filled to the brim with Powder Gangers, who, as I discussed early, totally hate me. I’m not sure how the know it’s me killing their men, it’s not like I leave any survivors to ‘tell the tale’ , it’s like they all have some kind of physic link.

Anyway I won’t bother going into the details of my epic battle with the Powder Gangers, needless to say they’re all dead now and I’m not.

However since nothing is ever simple, Meyers needs a pardon before he’ll be the Sheriff so now I’m off to the Mojave Outpost…….sigh

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