Courier’s Journal: Entry 5

In my last entry I spoke of a recurring dream I’ve been having. Most of the time, I just wake up in a sweat and know that it is the same dream but I’ve no memory of the dream itself.

Tonight I remember.

I’m with the Caravan I used to ride with, the sun is shining,  I’m laughing and joking with Joe, one of the brahmin Drivers. Then it gets dark, very dark, very quickly like a black cloud has blocked out the sun.

I look a Joe and he’s not laughing anymore, instead he’s been impaled by a Legion spear, all around me I can hear the sounds of screaming and then I get knocked down. I fall for what seems like an eternity, then I hit the ground with a thud and I look up and see two Khan’s covering up the hole I’m in with soil.

I would really prefer if I could stop having this dream.

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