Essential things to know about Dragon Age: Inquisition

GaymerX, Gamescon and PAX Prime have been & gone, leaving behind them a trail of juicy  new Dragon Age content.

I’ve googled my fingers bloody to bring you a list of the reveals that you need to know, in no particular order.

Dragon Age: Multiplayer or DAMP

Dragon Age Inquisition will have a multiplayer. Now before you all freak out here are the details

For DAMP BioWare seems to be taking all that was great about ME3 multiplayer and improving it. It has a similar set up to ME3 in that it is four player co-op but there are some very interesting additions

In DAMP, you play as one of 12 agents of the Inquisition, soldiers that the Inquisitor has sent out into the World on important missions Multiplayer is supposed to represent missions that the Inquisitor triggers in the Single Player campaign. Don’t worry though MP has no impact at all on SP, the outcome of the missions you send your agents on in SP is not dependent on anything that happens in MP, it’s simply a fun way to link the two campaigns together.

Being agents of the Inquisition the 12 characters have names, personalities and backgrounds, this combined with the story link to the Single Player seems to indicate that BioWare are adding more of a story to their MP this time around.

The dungeons in DAMP are partial randomised, each map has a possible 10 rooms and 5 are picked to generate a 5 room dungeons for you and your team to battle through.

Multiplayer characters are unlocked by purchasing loot packs with in game money or IRL money or by breaking down items found in the field

Check out the characters, below


 DAIMultiplayer DAI Multiplayer2 DA Multiplayer3

For more detail on DAMP check out Joystiqs review.

Allegra Clark Rocks!

Allegra Clark is Josephine Montilyet’s VA. Not only is she the only voice actor that is active on the BioWare Social Network, she hangs out on the Josephine Thread, she had the most creative ways of giving out the Dragon Age: Keep Beta Code.

If you read this post or if you are active at all on Twitter, then you know that there were a lot of DA:Keep Beta Keys being given out during and after PAX Prime

Most people were just posting the codes on Twitter and you had to be quick to get them but Allegra asked followers to favourite tweets and ran competitions.

Sadly I didn’t win any of these Beta Codes, but Allegra gave me more of a chance to win them than anyone else.

Allegra is very interesting and insightful on Twitter and I hope she keeps all the followers that she gained when she had the beta codes, she’ll certainly keep me.

In fact, I’m pretty sure Josephine will be my first romance and its largely Allegra that helped me make that decision.

Romances in Dragon Age: Inquisition

The entire LI list has been revealed along with who can romance them.

DA FAN put together this romance chart


I was disappointed that Vivienne is not an LI, I had been hoping she would be since she is gorgeous and I love the idea of a woman who fights with words rather than her Magic.

I don’t think we can really complain though, there are at least 2 options for an Inquisitor of each sexuality



Recently BioWare revealed that the PC UI has the same 8 slots for abilities that the console UI has.

I believe the reasoning is that it will create a unified UI between both the PC and console, but most PC fans would like to have more available abilities.

Personally I generally stick to the same abilities so 8 doesn’t matter as much to me and we’ll be able to switch them out before combat but I do think it is a bit weird to limit the PC UI so much.

Perhaps it’ll make more sense once we start to play it, I mean it does seem that the there will be a lot of passive abilities, so perhaps the 8 slots won’t seem so limited.

Check out a recording from someone who was lucky enough to play it

The Dragon Age Keep

Pax Prime marked the moment where we found out more about the Keep.

The Keep is a browser based  application that allows users to create a World State that includes decisions made in DA:O & DA2. The Keep will be used instead of a direct save transfer, this means that the amount of bugs in World states will be significantly reduced.

It would’ve been so easy to make the keep just a list of checkboxes but instead BioWare have implemented a fully illustrated experience that even has Varric narrative over the choices that you’ve made, so it’s more like a choose your own adventure then a tick the box exercise.

It’s even possible to use any saves that you’ve uploaded to the BSN as a basis for your World State or to use directly as you World State.

Once you’ve got your state then you can use it as your World State for your Inquisition playthrough.

LadyInsanity has a recording of a Keep Demo


What do you think about Dragon Are: Inquisition? Are you looking forward to it?

Have a deadly day!

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