Courier’s Journal: Entry 6

The journey to the Mojave Outpost was less of a pain than I’d expected. The only people on the road were a few more Powder Gangers and some Jackals.

I heard a rumour once that the Jackals, The Khans and the Vipers all originated from the same Vault, Vault 15. If that is true then the Jackals are the annoying younger brother of the three gangs. The Vipers are religious fanatics and the Khans are a tribe of raiding drug dealers, whereas the Jackals are cowardly cannibals

Convincing Major Knight to pardon Meyers was easy enough and I was about to head back to Primm when I ran into Ranger Jackson. Well not so much ran into him as sought him out, I wanted to know why the caravans were being held up. This of course led him to ask him to kill some ‘critters’ for him to clear the road, critters he called them, what they actually were  giant freaking ants, I hate giant ants but at least it got the caravans going again.

It’s been years since I was a part of a caravan but I always try to help them out if they can, they’re the lifeblood of the waste.  In fact I think I’ll take Rose of Sharon Cassidy (a trapped caravanner) advice and visit the Crimson Caravans for some work…..

Anyway, on my way to the Outpost, I’d spotted some smoke over Nipton, since I’ll have to travel through it to get to Novac, I asked the Ranger Sniper, Ghost, if she knew anything. She didn’t and asked for my help to find out.

The NCR seem like they need all the help they can get and since they’re the Mojave’s only hope against the Caesar’s Legion, I agreed to help. I don’t necessarily regret this decision but I sure could’ve lived without seeing what had happened in Nipton.

I knew something was up from the moment I approached, a Powder Ganger ran right past me shouting that he’d won the lottery. A lump formed in my throat, the Legion are famous for their lotteries. I knew I was right when I ran into another Powder Ganger in an abandoned shop. He’d been crippled by the Legion because he was the second place winner

On a side note, he called me the Grim Reaper of the Powder Gangers, which makes no sense, I only kill the ones that attack me and I always kill all of them so how did he know what I look like?Something to ponder when I have time.

He told me what had happened in Nipton, which was probably enough for Ghost but I had to make sure that the Legion were here, this close to the NCR boarder.

The presence of Vulpes Inculta proved it, he said that what he’d done, the murders and the torture, had been a sermon and that bastard tried to get me to help them by spreading fear among the NCR.

I don’t know what came over me, perhaps it was seeing people crucified again or perhaps it was the memories of the last time I’d crossed paths with Caesar’s Legion, but I couldn’t let him leave Nipton. I killed him, him and his filthy legionnaires.

I searched the town trying to find survivors but all I found were corpses, Legion dogs and the tale of a town sold to the Legion for a mere 8,000 caps.

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