Courier’s Journal: Entry 7

Today I helped a bunch of ghouls launch themselves into space- what did you do? random person who might be reading this

Let me start from the beginning.

After telling Meyers he had been pardoned, I spoke to Nash again. I wanted to see if he was willing to share any more information now that I’d brought the law back to Primm. HE had nothing more to tell me but I did spot a broken down Enclave Eyebot in his shop.

The Eyebot seemed to be fitted with armour and lasers, which would be very handy in the desert especially since the Legion are on the march, so I asked if I could have it. Fixing it wasn’t a problem, I’ve always been good at repairing things.

On the way to Novac, ED-E quickly shoed how right I was to fix it, the road was plagued with Vipers, who were much easier to kill with the help of ED-E.

I passed a ranger station and asked for directions from Offer Stepinac. He was helpful enough and pointed out all I had to look out for was Dinky the Dino at the edge of town.

Very quickly I was pointed in the direction of Novac’s daytime sniper Manny, who had apparently spoken to the people who shot me. Shockingly enough Manny wouldn’t give me any information until I’d helped him out, so off I trekked to the REPCONN Rocket test site to drive out some feral ghouls.

On the way I killed a Nightkin that was shooting at Brahmin, which I thought was going to be the weirdest thing I saw that day.

Feral Ghouls and dead Nightkin littered the road to REPCONN, it was obvious that there had been a fight here between ghouls and Nightkin. When I entered the building its self I was immediately address by the surviving normal ghouls who needed my help.

Of course they weren’t all normal ghouls, there was a guy named Chris Haversam who thought that he was a ghoul, not a human. Apparently he’d worked the reactor in Vault 34 and thought the radiation had turned him into a ghoul. Chris was not willing to talk to me much so this was all told to me by Jason Bright, the leader of a cult of ghouls who wants to escape this planet and go…..I don’t know, somewhere better I suppose.

Some Nightkin had invaded the REPCONN building  and they needed me to clear them out so they could jump on their rockets and leave, so off I went again to kill me some Nightkin, not exactly the easiest task considering these are elite Super Mutants but I was lucky as they had been driven totally crazed by over use of Stealth boys, a crazed Nightkin is a much easier opponent.

My task was made even easier when I came across Davison, the leader of the Nightkin, and Antler a Brahmin skull, he clearly thought was his leader. Davison was looking to Stealth boys so as soon as I found out were the Stealth boys had been shipped to, he has a guys cleared out.  Which was lucky since I was running low on ammo and I’m not sure how affective a Machete would be against a Nightkin.

With Davison gone, the ‘Bright Brotherhood’ were able to get to their Rockets, which of course needed some more parts before they could launched, so it was time for me to head to Old Lady Gibson’s Scrapyard and the Dino-Bite Gift Shop to pick up the missing components.

Seriously sometimes, I feel like I’ll be forever trapped in the role of a courier fetching supplies for other people. *sigh*  At least, this time I’m helping people and my chances of getting shot in the head by a member of the New Vegas families is significantly reduced.

With the help of Chris & the shopping list I picked up, the ‘Bright Brotherhood’ were off into space.

I hope they find what they are looking for, but I think it is a bit extreme to leave the planet, there are signs of recovery everywhere. If humanity does every go into space again, it’ll be interesting to see what would happen if they come across the Bright Brotherhood’s promised land.

As for Chris, I managed to convinces him that we wasn’t a Ghoul, he was very angry when he realized and thought the ‘Bright Brotherhood’ had tricked him, but in all honesty it was extremely difficult to convince him of his nonGhoul status so I don’t blame the ‘Bright Brotherhood’ from giving up and just accepting him as a Ghoul.

The sun was setting  when I arrived back to Novac so I stopped at the bottom of the hill path to REPCONN and watched it go down below the horizon, before heading into town for some much needed rest.

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