Mixed Level Swears #mixedlevelswear

Anyone who follows me on twitter may have noticed that for the past few days I’ve been tweeting daily mixed level swears.

But what are mixed level swears and why I am doing this?

What is a Mixed Level Swear?

Whether you realise it or not swears have levels; heck is used as a softer version of hell, flip is a softer version of feck, which in turn is a softer version of fuck.

Mixed level swearing is about mixing a hard and a soft swear together .

This is not something that I made up, I got it from an xkcd comic but it is something that I’ve been intrigued by and have used to increase my swearing vocabulary


Why is Swearing Important?

Every language has swearing, some are basic and boring others are vibrant and colourful, but ever language has it.

Humans swear to relieve stress, express anger or for the craic.

Infrequent swearing givens a person a release valve so instead of freaking out Hulk style when they get angry they can just swear to relieve some of that angry or let of stress.

I used to swear quite a lot but over time I reduced it, because I realised that how much you swear can leave a very bad impression on another person and I didn’t want to slipping over into my work life.

When I swore a lot, I never noticed the physiological benefits of swearing, like a caffeine addict who stops benefiting from the caffeine high, I was simply doing it because it had become a part of my speech pattern.

Once I consciously made the decision to stop swearing as much, I started to notice that when I did swear I felt a sense of relief and my ability to deal with a situation was easier.

Receiving an annoying email in work and muttering ‘for fucks sake’ under my breathe, made it easier for my to response calmly.   Dealing with the pain of stubbing my toe become easier after shouting ‘bollocks’.

Swearing has become the valve for my life that lets me let off steam without punching someone right in the face.

Why Mixed Level Swearing?

English is a very boring language to swear in, depending on were you are from there are perhaps a half dozen worlds that get used on a regular bases.

Other languages have vibrant sentences to swear with. Dutch has Vliegende tering  which means flying tuberculosis,  Italian has cazzon di merda which means dickfaced piece of shit, compare that to English which basically just has slang words for genitals as swear words.

To make swearing more interesting I started to mix up the levels, calling someone a cretinous cockhead is much more satisfactory when simply calling them a dick.

It’s also fun and I’ve always believed that as much of life as possible should be fun.

If you want more of Mixed Level Swearing, checkout the #mixedlevelswear on twitter and don’t for get to try them out.

I didn’t use the hashtag for all of my tweets cos I’m a silly fuckhead so check out some of my tweets below.


So what’s my point?

My point is, swearing is awesome and physiologically beneficial but don’t be boring about it.

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