Quiet but Thinking

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post and I wanted to let you know that I’m still active.

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks in work and I just got back from a wedding in Rome, which was brilliant but tiring.

Instead of posting, I’ve been researching my next few posts.

Sneak Preview – in no particular order

Heuristics of User Interface Design 

Quite often in forums, on twitter and to random people in the street, I complain about a User Interface being poorly designed, but what do I mean by that?

It’s time to find out.


It’s being going on for months now, so I thought I’d put together my thoughts on the “Movement”

DragonAge: Inquisition Update

With a month to go, am I still excited? What do you think?

Costume Quest 2 Review/Let’s Play

My first video – this might take awhile.

JazzPunk Review

Cos it’s awesome and you should play it

Couriers Journal Continues 


Any way – that is my planned output for the next few weeks.

Have a Deadly Day!

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2 comments on “Quiet but Thinking
  1. Flemingway61 says:

    Ooh. Looking forward to the JazzPunk review – what a game! Hadn’t heard about #Gamergate until you posted about it recently. I posted an article about it (without stating any opinion on the matter myself) and was immediately attacked by a couple of “we’re not misogynistic but…” people. I usually never get that kind of response to any tweets, all I had to do to attract it was put in the GamerGate #tag.

  2. JazzPunk is so good, I’m trying to figure out how to encourage people to play it cos it’s awesome and not to spoil it too much.

    Gamergate has been interesting, I have been delaying posting my opinion about it cos I wanted to do a lot of research on it, but I’m sure what its about now and its not ethics in game journalism.

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