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5 Steps to Getting a Dragon Age Keep Beta Code

BioWare are at PAX Prime and have been giving out a ton of Dragon Age Keep Codes. For those of you who don’t know what the Keep is, check out AbilityDrain’s video below and also subscribe to her channel because she’s

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Costume Quest 2

Double Fine have revealed the release date for Costume Quest 2, the 7th of October and I couldn’t be more excited. I instantly fell in love with the first Costume Quest. It has a lot of charm, comedy and fantastic

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Courier’s Journal: Entry 3

Apparently Goodsprings is not as quiet as I thought. Some gang named the Powder Gangers are after a guy named Ringo. I felt that I owed this town something so I asked Trudy where he was and she pointed me

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Doctor Who: Deep Breath follow up – Kisses equal Porn

Today, I woke up to sunshine, a cup of tea and to people complaining about Madame Vastra and Jenny kissing in last night’s episode of Doctor Who. While there were a great deal of positive comments about, one person’s negative

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Dr Who: Deep Breath

A few hours ago I was sitting in a cinema waiting for the first episode of the new season of Dr Who to begin and now that it is over I have to say Peter Capaldi does a really great job

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Marriage Equality

Ireland is getting our very own referendum on Marriage Equality in 2015 and the campaign for a ‘Yes’ has kicked off with a video from the great and wonderful comedians Tara Flynn and  Kevin McGahern. This video definitely has an

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Courier’s Journal: Entry 2

This morning Doc Mitchell has given me a clean bill of health and  suggested I speak to a woman named Sunny Smiles, so I got my first look at Goodsprings a tiny little town which more boarded up houses then

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Insect Porn

Ladies and Gentlemen; Let me introduce you to, two flies shagging on my sunglasses

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Courier’s Journal: Entry 1

On the advice of Doc Mitchell, I’ve decided to start a journal.  He suggested that writing might help trigger lost memories and joked that at the very least it might be useful in reconstructing my memory encase, I got shot

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Courier’s Journal

I’m starting a new weekly post based on my new playthrough of Fallout: New Vegas. Each entry will be written in the style of a journal and will be from the perspective of my character. I’m hoping it will make

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