5 Steps to Getting a Dragon Age Keep Beta Code

BioWare are at PAX Prime and have been giving out a ton of Dragon Age Keep Codes.

For those of you who don’t know what the Keep is, check out AbilityDrain’s video below and also subscribe to her channel because she’s awesome.

The codes are being released on twitter by various people so you need to channel the Speed Force to be quick enough to get one.


Here are 5 Steps to getting a Dragon Age Keep Beta Code

Step 1: Follow EVERYONE on Twitter

This is an easy one, follow literally everyone on twitter who might have had any chance of being at Pax and getting a code.

Don’t be worried about feeling creepy about stalking them, you’re doing this for the greater good, to get a Dragon Age Keep Code.


Step 2: Open up Origin in a Browser and Log into it

To activate the code, you have to type it into your Origin Account as fast as you can. The Origin Desktop Application’s refresh rate is too slow, you could lose out while waiting for it to refresh.

Go to Origin.com, log into your account, click on ‘My Account’ and then go to ‘Redeem Product Code’.


Keep this sucker open at all times, and be poised to type the code in as soon as you see it.

Remember the codes are not case sensitive and you don’t need the dashes.

Step 3: Refresh Twitter Mercilessly

Forget everything else, just keep refreshing twitter.

Job to go to? Call in sick. Have to sleep? Sleep is for the weak. Life to live? what did life ever do for you anyway?

Open up multiple tabs, one for each of the million accounts you followed and hit F5 until your finger bleeds.

And don’t worry, you’re still not a creepy stalker.

Remember kids


Step 4: Make a Sacrifice to the Speed Force

This one should be obvious, the Speed Force is an extra-dimensional energy force from which superspeed-powered heroes draw their enhanced abilities. Depending on the continuity it gives you a whole host of abilities but most importantly of all Super Speed, just ask the Flash.

To gain access to the Speed Force, pick a speed based Superhero from DC and recreate their origin story.

I’m not going to lie, this mostly involves getting chemicals on you and then being hit by lightning, but this for a Keep Beta Code DAMMIT! Douse yourself in chemicals and standout in a storm.


Step 5: Be Luckier than Me

As of yet, my surefire, bulletproof, 5 Step plan to get a Dragon Age Keep Beta code has not worked and I’m still a sad panda

download (5)

However, I’m 100% certain the reason it hasn’t worked is because I haven’t been able to get hit by lightning, so I’m currently experimenting with overhead power cables.

Wish me luck!

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Costume Quest 2

Double Fine have revealed the release date for Costume Quest 2, the 7th of October and I couldn’t be more excited.

I instantly fell in love with the first Costume Quest. It has a lot of charm, comedy and fantastic cartoony graphics.

The sequel has twins, Reynold and Wren, embarking on a time travelling adventure to save Halloween from ‘The Dentist’

Obviously the costume based combat is back and it’s brought some old favourites along as well as a host of new costumes like , A Dinosaur, Gandalf and Shakespeare.

Have a look at the Teaser Trailer below and check back in after the release date to see my first ‘Let’s Play’



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Courier’s Journal: Entry 3

Apparently Goodsprings is not as quiet as I thought.

Some gang named the Powder Gangers are after a guy named Ringo. I felt that I owed this town something so I asked Trudy where he was and she pointed me in his direction, turns out he is a trader with the Crimson Caravan.

I spent most of my life traveling with one caravan or another so I couldn’t turn down his request for help, so I rounded up Sunny, convinced Trudy to get some of the other towns folk to help and got that cheap ass Chet who runs the shop to give us all leather armour and we beat the Powder Gangers.

I could give a blow by  blow account but quite frankly they had baseball bats and varmint rifles and we had leather armour and dynamite, how do you think it went? I did at least expect their leader Jacob Cobb to put up some sort of fight, but perhaps I was expecting too much from a bully

After that Trudy had no issue with my taking over the school house.

Now I just need a few more caps to stock up on ammo and supplies before I head out for Primm.


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Doctor Who: Deep Breath follow up – Kisses equal Porn

Today, I woke up to sunshine, a cup of tea and to people complaining about Madame Vastra and Jenny kissing in last night’s episode of Doctor Who.

While there were a great deal of positive comments about, one person’s negative comment is what has triggered this post.

“Found those characters that liked to display their preferences to be inappropriate for a children’s program, but the BBC seem to want to become a porn channel and are slowly edging into it.

“I think they wish to come out of the closet, well I have no objection to that if they become a private adult channel, but not on our licence fee.”

That is right dear readers a kiss is pornography.

My first thought of course was that if this person thinks a kiss is pornographic, then I’d love to see what they think if they ever watched ‘Bible Black’

I then wondered, if people had the same reaction to any other kiss in Doctor Who, I mean Vastra and Jenny’s is hardly the first kiss on the show.

Here is a video of just the kisses between the Doctor and his Companions

In fact Vastra and Jenny are not even the first married couple feature as Companions, Amy and Rory were married for the whole last season and were a couple of most of season 6.

At the end of the first episode of season 7, Amy and Rory share a very dramatic kiss that signals the reconciliation of their marriage.

I googled my fingers bloody but I couldn’t find any controversy over any of the other kisses in Dr Who.

This is the first time that Vastra and Jenny have shown any real affection towards each other and it was only as a side effect of Vastra wanting to share oxygen with Jenny. (it makes sense in the show)

The only difference between the two couples is that Vastra and Jenny are a same sex couple, this means of course that the person who wrote the quote considers lesbians kissing as pornography, which tells us more about them then it does about the BBC.

Remember folks

Not Porn

           Not Porn









Quote taken from a Pink New Article 

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Dr Who: Deep Breath

A few hours ago I was sitting in a cinema waiting for the first episode of the new season of Dr Who to begin and now that it is over I have to say Peter Capaldi does a really great job as the Doctor.

I’m going to try not to spoil much but I wanted to share my thoughts on the episode.

New Doctors normally need to grow on me before I like them, but Peter Capaldi was great right from the offset. He was quirky, fun and gave the sense that mystery that makes the Doctor interesting.

I’m not going to go into the details of the plot but it was a FANTASTIC idea to include the Paternoster Gang


I love these guys, they had some of the best scenes in the last season and I hope they show up again in this season.

This episode had a lot more of Vastra and Jenny’s relationship, which is something I’ve been waiting for since it’s not really been shown, I mean they are constantly telling us that they are married but we’ve seen very little of the verbal and body language indications that let us know two people are in a relationship. In fact they rarely spoke to each other about anything other than the Doctor.

In this episode we got silly arguments, admiration of Jenny, and even a kiss.

This combined with Capaldi’s excellent portrayal of the Doctor has made me extremely excited for this season and I can’t wait for next week!


Have a Deadly Day!

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Marriage Equality

Ireland is getting our very own referendum on Marriage Equality in 2015 and the campaign for a ‘Yes’ has kicked off with a video from the great and wonderful comedians Tara Flynn and  Kevin McGahern.

This video definitely has an Irish bent to it but it speaks to the global arguments against Marriage Equality. ‘It’ll be the end of Marriage as we know it’

Share this everywhere, let’s help make it viral.

Marriage was not originally a religious institution and it has not been the same since the dawn of time.

Polygamy used to be a common form of Marriage in some cultures , ‘mixed’ marriages were illegal in many countries,  women used to need a dowry before anyone would marry them.

It is ridiculous to pretend that it has never changed and equally ridiculous to think that giving two people who love each other the ability to marry will be damaging to society.

The March for Marriage is on the 24th of Aug. If you’re in Dublin come along.

Marriage Equality: It’s NOT the end of the world lads


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Courier’s Journal: Entry 2

This morning Doc Mitchell has given me a clean bill of health and  suggested I speak to a woman named Sunny Smiles, so I got my first look at Goodsprings a tiny little town which more boarded up houses then placed were people live.

I found Sunny with her dog Cheyenne in Prospector Saloon, one of two main buildings in the town, the other being a shop.  She took me out back, got me shooting bottles to get myself back into practise.  I’m glad getting shot in the head didn’t ruin my aim.

She then asked if I wanted to help her kill some geckos and since I needed the practise and the caps, I went with her.

After getting paid, I explored the town and found the Securitron Victor that had dug me up and brought me to the Doc, he didn’t know much except that they people who shot me were heading back to the Strip.

I haven’t decided whether I’ll go after them or not yet but I do know that I need to follow them to at least Primm because I’ve got a stash of emergency supplies hidden there and I’ll need them before I decide where to go next.

I’m still not 100% recovered so I need to find some shelter while I stay here in Goodsprings, I’m thinking the old schoolhouse should do it but I want to run it by Trudy, the town mother and owner of the Prospector Saloon before I just move in.

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Insect Porn

Ladies and Gentlemen;

Let me introduce you to, two flies shagging on my sunglasses

2014-08-13 16.02.51

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Courier’s Journal: Entry 1

On the advice of Doc Mitchell, I’ve decided to start a journal.  He suggested that writing might help trigger lost memories and joked that at the very least it might be useful in reconstructing my memory encase, I got shot in the head again

Of course I’d prefer not to get shot in the head again but part of me feels like I had a journal already ……. Ach there are still so many holes in my memory

I remember my mother used to update her journal almost every day, she said it helped her think and make sense of what had happened.

After she was killed during a raid by the Jackals, I continued to update her journal until I ran out of room. I tried to keep my own but I could never develop the discipline to keep it updating on a regular bases…..oh would you look at that, looks like I did used to do this.

Perhaps, Doc’s idea wasn’t so silly after all.

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Courier’s Journal

I’m starting a new weekly post based on my new playthrough of Fallout: New Vegas.

Each entry will be written in the style of a journal and will be from the perspective of my character.

I’m hoping it will make an enjoyable addition to my other semi-regular posts.

Hopefully I’ll be able to continue it until I complete the game.

Oh and I’m using mods so if I mention something that is not in the vanilla game, like having more than two followers, its because of a mod.

First post is on Monday, I hope you all enjoy it!

Have a deadly day!

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