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When will I get a next gen console? Part 1

Oddly enough I don’t know the answer to this, which is really weird for me. Until recently I was a total console gamer; my first console was the Sega Mega Drive 2. I got it with Mega Games 6 Vol

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Voiced -Vs- Silent Protagonist

WARNING THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR DRAGON AGE:ORGIN AND DRAGON AGE 2 Ahhh the age old debate between the Voiced and Silent Protagonist. I’ve had many of these debates over the years and I think it boils down to this

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The Future of Gaming

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Companion Conversations

One of the things I have always enjoyed about Bioware games are relationships that can develop between the player and their Companions. Companions are not just AI Fodder for enemies, that are doomed to die and then be resurrected when

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