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Should Game Mods have Standards?

I love PC mods, they are one of the reasons I’ve been playing Skyrim for so long. They add additional content, tweak game balance, retexture graphics, fix bugs, fix annoying game features. There is a lot of love for the

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The Yawhg and Sudeki (Waiting for Final Fantasy X follow Up)

Final Fantasy X /X2 remastered came out last week and apart from brief breaks to do things like sleep and go to work, I’ve been pretty much playing it nonstop. I’ll share my opinions on this version of the game

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When will I get a next gen console? Part 2

Last time on phantomrachie presents: I was highlighting how much of a console fan I am and why it is weird for me to have no idea when or even if I’ll get a next gen console. Now let me

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